Monday, January 17, 2022

Emotions From Mental Models

Emotions From Mental Models

We all know that when an architect is going to create a construction, he makes drawings, calculations, plans, and finally makes a model, to see how the construction will look. By viewing the 3D model of the building, the Architect can assess whether there are things in the design that need to be improved, added, removed or changed. In other words, the model is the visualization of the future construction. While the Architect builds the model, he is visualizing the future construction and that visualization rekindles his creativity to perfect his project Finally, the Architect uses the model to sell or promote his project, because seeing the model produces emotions that are important to the success of the project by providing credibility and feelings of accomplishment.

Just as the Architect creates a model to visualize what he wants to build, you must also create a mental model to visualize what you want to achieve. When you visualize in your mind what you want to build in your life and you visualize it in 3 dimensions, like a video with audio, then the mental model will also produce emotions in you that are important for you to evaluate your project and be able to sell it to yourself. Not really selling, but you have to convince your subconscious mind that the goal of your project is good, makes you happy, is credible and you can accomplish it. You forge your goals and projects in your rational conscious mind, but you need the automatic responses of your subconscious mind not to sabotage your goal. The visualization of your mental model fulfills that function.

Visualizing your accomplished goal in your mind, like a model, communicates to your subconscious mind what you want to achieve and how that achievement makes you feel. Without feeling the emotion, your visualization is weak, because your subconscious mind does not understand rational communications, but emotional ones. You need to live in your mind the feelings and emotions produced by achieving your goal. Creating a mental model of what you want to achieve aligns your conscious mind with your subconscious and that Empowers you for Success.

Empower Yourself Aligning Your Mind

Monday, January 3, 2022

Moving Forward Without Fear

Moving forward without fear of the path I left behind, because it can't be changed and more importantly, because my future doesn't depend on the path I left behind, but in the path I choose Today.

Looking Straight Ahead

Looking straight ahead to the new paths that are opening up before us today. There is no better day than today, to undertake and continue on our new path.


Happy New Year 2022