Saturday, December 11, 2021

You Have Great Goals… and Now?

You Have Great Goals… and Now?

I know many people that have great and very inspiring goals and they are always talking about their goals… year after year… and nothing happens. Defining your Goals is awesome, but that’s only the first step for success. Your Goals represent what you want to achieve, which defines where the finish line is and what Victory is. The question is: How are you going to reach your Goals? How will you get to the finish line? How will you achieve Victory?

You need to have a strategy to win, and by winning I mean achieving your goal. A sound strategy will successfully ignite your passion and move you forward. Start by dividing your Goal into smaller segments and phases, to simplify the process of thinking about how to get into action, to achieve what you want. The strategy is not the plan, it is the seed or embryo of your plan. Your Goal is what you want to win. Your Strategy shows how you are going to win; and your plan shows where and when each segment and phase of the strategy will happen.

Goal… Strategy… and Go!!!

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